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The Traveling Entrepreneur: Melissa Binkley

Welcome to The Traveling Entrepreneur! Each Monday, we'll feature a different entrepreneur who spends at least part of their working hours on the road. Learn their tips for working from anywhere, what they'd do differently if they had to start their business over again, and their favorite place to travel (so far). Enjoy!

Meet Melissa Binkley

Q. Can you tell me a bit about your business?

A. I am the founder of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy. I'm also an international speaker, master transformation specialist, and best selling author.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being self-employed?

A. I create my own schedule and get to travel a lot.

Q. What is the most challenging aspect of your business?

A. Staying connected to my loved ones and not getting burnt out.

Q. Did you leave a 9-5 to pursue your business? If so, what was that process like?

A. I actually didn’t have a choice in leaving my corporate job, it was ripped out from under me in the aftermath of 9/11 when my company shut down. I became an entrepreneur out of survival in the beginning.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration in the entrepreneurship world?

A. Wow. Only one? Right Now – Lewis Howes

Q. What originally inspired you to work for yourself?

A. My grandparents were entrepreneurs that owned their own business, so I always like the idea of working for myself, but didn’t think it was possible until I was “forced” to become a entrepreneur.

Q. What was the best piece of advice you received when you were first getting started?

A. Most people stop three feet from gold. When you think you have hit the end of the road KEEP GOING. Because all success comes after the greatest risks and “failures."

Q. If you had to start your business over from scratch today, what would be your top three priorities?

A. My family, my self-care and my email list

Q. Do you travel frequently while maintaining your business?

A. Yes. I have been traveling since March of 2015 all over the world. I usually stay in a city for 3 weeks or less.

Q. Are there any tools or resources that allow you to work from anywhere that you would recommend to other entrepreneurs?

A. Uberconference has been a great way for me to talk with clients all over the world.

Q. What has been your favorite destination so far?

A. Prague, Czech Republic

Q. How does traveling enhance your current business?

A. I get to meet people everywhere. I expand my consciousness. I feel free and have more clarity.

Q. What advice do you have for people who want to travel while they work?

A. Plan in advance for time changes! Pack LIGHT. I use a small carry-on and backpack. Life is so much easier when you don’t have a bunch of extra stuff with you. Create a morning ritual and stick to it. This will keep you grounded and focused in your life and business. I meditate, journal, set intentions, do gratitude, and pull cards while having my Green Matcha Latte or Bulletproof Coffee after my lemon water. Finally, get outdoors EVERY DAY, even if it's just for three minutes.

Melissa Binkley is the CEO and Founder of MSB Coaching and Pure BodyLove Events. She is also the creator and founder of The Love Society and Intuitive Intelligence Academy™. She is an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Certified Master Transformation Specialist, Soulistic™ Business Mentor, Best- Selling Author and former Holistic Health Coach. She is a dynamic Inspirational and Intuitive International Speaker. She empowers healers, creatives, conscious entrepreneurs and women to tap into intuitive intelligence so they can share their purpose and gifts on platforms throughout the world. In 2014 Melissa developed her own mode of Spiritual Transformational Process called Intuitive Intelligence™ that is changing the way coaches, healers, and speakers connect with their audiences and transform lives. She teaches entrepreneurs how to craft dynamic speeches and book engagements worldwide that fill their client funnel. Melissa is a graduate of The Ohio State University, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Holistic MBA.

Learn more on her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

If you're a globe trotting entrepreneur, and you'd like to be featured (or if you know someone who might), please email me at

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