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The Traveling Entrepreneur: Kat Gal

Welcome to The Traveling Entrepreneur! Each Monday, we'll feature a different entrepreneur who spends at least part of their working hours on the road. Learn their tips for working from anywhere, what they'd do differently if they had to start their business over again, and their favorite place to travel (so far). Enjoy!

Meet Kat Gal

Q. Can you tell me a bit about your business?

A. I am super excited to tell you about my brand new project: Long Distance Relationship Help. My husband and I have been together for nearly 9 years, but being two different nationalities, we have spent at least half of our relationship in long distance. When we were in a long distance relationship, I often felt alone and misunderstood by others. Though I have to say we worked well long distance, having support online would’ve helped. For a while now, I have wanted to create a space for women (who are in a long distance relationship), which would offer inspiration, support, tips, and coaching. Finally, I have launched my site, and I am so excited. I am also doing an interview series with women who are or have been in an ldr. Besides this, I am also a freelance writer and have been a holistic health and life coach for years.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being self-employed?

A. Perhaps the chance to be free and creative. However, I have to say I am not one of those people who hated being employed. I have worked as a social researcher on violence against children in Kenya (I have a Master’s in International Children’s Rights), then as an English Teacher in various countries. In both cases, I was an employee, but I loved my jobs; they were fulfilling, meaningful, creative, exciting, and different every day, and I had no issue being officially employed. I know I will definitely teach English again in the future (making me an employee). So in the end, being self-employed or not, what’s important to me is doing meaningful, creative work where I can give back to the world. It is also important to have flexibility and not to do the same thing every day but have variety and excitement.

Q. What is the most challenging aspect of your business?

A. This day and age, it is awesome that you can learn and find anything on the internet. But there is just too much out there. All the information, tips, resources, new technology, and “must do”-s can get overwhelming or even intimidating. When I get lost or overwhelmed, I just have to find my center, say ‘f*ck it’, and do my own thing following my intuition instead.

Q. If you had to start your business over from scratch today, what would be your top three priorities?

A. Follow my heart. Don’t try to be like other people. Don’t put so much pressure on myself and don’t worry about the future.

Q. Do you travel frequently while maintaining your business?

A. I’ve been living internationally for nearly 16 years (since I was 17) and as a nomad for 7. From 2009 until 2015 I literally changed countries every 1-3 months. Since summer 2015, my nomadic life had slowed down; I’ve been mostly in the US, but have traveled a lot within the US and well as for a month in Asia. Soon I will be traveling across Canada, moving to a new state in the US, and then planning a new international adventure (whether in SE-Asia or Central-America is still up for debate).

Q. Are there any tools or resources that allow you to work from anywhere that you would recommend to other entrepreneurs?

A. The internet, my laptop, Facebook, Skype. Honestly, I don’t use any of the fancy (and often pricey) tools that online entrepreneurs *should* use. I know that there are online entrepreneurs who are super successful (financially and otherwise) using very minimal tools, while others are on everything. At this point I prefer to be on the minimalist side of this.

Q. What has been your favorite destination so far?

A. There are so many. I find beauty everywhere, and there are only a few places I didn’t like. Split, Croatia had absolutely stolen my heart when I was living there for 3 months. There is no reason behind it either: it is just love; you just know it when it’s real. Thailand, Costa Rica, and Italy are big favorites of mines as well, so is Amsterdam… and…the list could go on.

Q. How does traveling enhance your current business?

A. I don’t think it particularly enhances it, but it keeps me inspired and happy, which enhances my entire life.

Q. What advice do you have for people who want to travel while they work?

A. Just follow you heart. Don’t get too obsessive or caught up with stuff. And while obviously you will spend time working a lot, do enjoy your destinations as well.

Kat Gál is a Long Distance Relationship Success Coach who helps women in long distance relationships (or those who have recently closed the distance with their love). She is also a multi-passionate writer, educator, and world traveler. She has worked with abused children in Kenya, taught English in Mexico, volunteered on an olive farm in Turkey, hitchhiked in Costa Rica, conquered volcanoes in Guatemala, climbed the Great Wall in China, and gotten married in the United States to name a few of her happy adventures.

Find her on Facebook or on her website.

If you're a globe trotting entrepreneur, and you'd like to be featured (or if you know someone who might), please email me at

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