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About Me

When people ask me to describe myself, I always say two things. First, I'm a girl who loves a theme. Harry Potter, Superheroes, 1920s. The theme itself is irrelevant as long as I get to wear a costume and decorate. Second, I'm obsessed with language. I pour over poetry and marvel at the magic of language to elicit any emotion. When I discovered copywriting - a medium that allowed me to play dress up with words, I was hooked. 

I've been a copywriter for eight years. I've helped launch more than 100 brands, edited more than 20 books, and ghosted for CEOs and thought leaders around the world. The odds are high that you've received at least one of my emails. 

When I'm not working, you can usually find me reading a book, watching SVU, or analyzing Taylor Swift songs. 

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I help small businesses and mission-based non-profits show up authentically to their audiences with content and marketing strategies that build authority and loyalty and fuel conversions.

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Making the world a little happier, brighter, and kinder - one mission-centered and socially conscious brand at a time. 

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