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Nicole Marie Hunt Copywriting

Web Copy. Marketing Materials. Brand Assets.

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Your Marketing Copy - Done


You have a program that you KNOW will change lives and careers. 

Maybe you're already selling this program, but you aren't hitting the numbers you want to hit.

Maybe you haven't launched yet because you just keep staring at that empty funnel - no clue about how to fill it.

And the thought of trying to come up with witty commentary, compelling language, and persuasive copy is nauseating. 

That's where I come in.

I create targeted, highly engaging sales content that speaks directly to your ideal customer in their language.


I use your voice, so your clients will never know it's me creating all the magic, and you'll be free to invest your time into what you do best.

Need help planning your launch? I'll draft an entire funnel from start to finish, complete with expert advice, guidance on graphics and design, and full SEO optimization. 

Just need help rewriting one affiliate email that's causing a serious case of #emailshame? I can do that too.

No more writing for you. Ever.

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This is me looking about as carefree as you'll feel when your copy is off your plate. :) 

Genuine and relatable messaging
Copywriting that makes you want to ask it to Prom
Websites, Taglines, Emails, and Blogs

What People Are Saying

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Web Copy

From a stunning home page to your services and your story, I write web copy that connects and converts. 

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Meet Nicole

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Simply put, I'm a creature of habit and pleasure. I make no apologies for the things that make me smile. Things like my cat, copious hours spent binging Law and Order SVU, drinking coffee, and attending live theater events.

I can talk your ear off about Everest or "Friends." 

I've been obsessed with marketing tactics for at least 10 years, and I've been writing since I was 7. (My early work is less than stellar according to anyone except my mother.)

I live in DC with my husband and pets and spend my free time kayaking, reading, managing a YA book club, and exploring my incredible city.

phone: 503-267-7114
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